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Friday, August 22, 2014

Puja Dates (National Trust) – 2014

Future Puja Dates (National Trust) – 2014

Dear All, Jai Shri Mataji
The Future Puja’s of National Trust, for the year 2014 upto 31st December 2014 are as under:-
(Regional Seminar cum Puja)
Pune in Pratishthan
29-31 Aug, 2014
(Regional Seminar cum Puja)
Ludhiana (Punjab)
29-31 Aug, 2014.
(Regional Seminar cum Puja)
Chhindwara (M.P)
26-28 Sep, 2014.
(Regional Seminar cum Puja)
03-05 Oct, 2014.
(National Seminar cum Puja)
Jaipur (Rajasthan)
31Oct – 02 Nov 2014 including
(National Seminar cum Puja)
Nargol (Gujarat)
23 to 25 Dec, 2014.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Advice from doctors at Medical Seminar in Cabella August 2011

Seems like the mail was orignally sent by Australian council however received by me through mail forwards


Advice from doctors at Medical Seminar in Cabella August 2011

A Medical seminar in August 21, 2011 was enjoyed by a big audience with interest expressed in the form of questions and answers. The seminar was conducted by the Doctor Petekar - from Belapur who has a long experience linked to health problems of Sahaja yogis. She said during the seminar that the role of these treatments is to bring the patient into meditation because Kundalini is the power which cleans and heals. She said: If you can not meditate, follow the treatment. The treatments are only to help you to meditate!

The audience put their issues on paper and were read aloud by two Sahaja yoginis or handed to the doctor, who read the questions and gave answers. Since the questions were made more in the form of deficiency state findings of Sahaja yogi (Mrs.), they had no interrogative form.

Q: Excessive thinking.
A: Abandon your thoughts; put ice on right Swadisthan, liver and ego, footsoak twice a day. Then cool the right channel, with the left hand to the sky and say Shri Hanuman Chalisa at the same time. People with excessive thinking should sing, put the attention on Sahasrara and say the mantra for Shri Mahat Ahamkara.

Q: Children Problems.
A: Children do not have problems. Only parents have problems: Excessive heat in the body, ego, etc. Children absorb parent’s problem and that creates pressure on the child Anahath centre. Parents should clean themselves more often. Children should be given minerals through foods rich in vitamins and nutrients, not medical pills.

Q: Women Issues (Women specific).
A: Women are working a lot and because of this they are exhausted. They should read every day Devi Kavach, say Ganesha Atharva Sheersha with left hand on the liver. For any problems with the menstrual cycle is affected by the Swadisthan centre. You must say Ganesha Atharva Sheersha daily, and put ice on right Swadisthan, liver and ego.

Q: Thyroid dysfunction.
A: Do not criticise, pray with attention on Vishuddhi centre: Shri Mataji, by Your grace I am pure spirit, please remove from me all the reactions, and all that causes me to criticise.

Q: Food to be avoided by Sahaja Yogis for liver treatment.
A: For liver: chilli, cheese, butter. You have to avoid red meat, only eat chicken, rice and papaya. For liver problems, put ice on the liver - say Ganesha Atharva Sheersha – and then say mantra for Shri Chitta Devata, Shri Himalaya mantra, each 16 times.

Q: How to give up the impure desires?
A: Prayer: Divine Mother, please give me pure desire, please destroy the impure desires. Then with your right hand on left Swadisthan say mantra for Shri Mahakali Badrakali Kali Kalki for 7, 21 or 108 times.

Q: Problems with bones.
A: They are caused by blockage Nabhi chakra. Chakra has to be cleaned. You need to take up to two, three daily footsoak. Prayer: Divine Mother, you are really Shri Vindyavasini, please remove this problem. The prayer must be said 10 times. The food you consume has to be fresh, and it must be consumed within 2 days of it being cooked.

Q: Cancer of the lungs and throat.
A: Cancer is a problem of the left channel. You have to footsoak and have to say the 108 names for Shri Adi Guru Datatreya. Catch on the Void chakra create condition for developing cancer, this can be because of a false guru, practising baptism, sect affiliation to neoprotestant - etc. You have to say mantra for Shri Vishnumaya, it should be said 3 times with candles placed at left Vishuddhi chakra and say the name of Shri Vishnumaya then say Mantrika Sakshat mantra 3 times (without Shri), Sarva Mantra Siddhi Vibhedini 3 times (without Shri).

Q: I have no vibrations in my hands.
A: You have to massage the Vishuddhi chakra and hands with olive oil. You have to use mobility exercises done with your hands and massage hands before meditation. You have to bathe your hands. Place the hands in the water one by one, because it is necessary that one of the hands be directed towards Shri Mataji to receive vibrations. Then say the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha.

Q: Problems with tension, diabetes.
A: These are problems of the right channel. Thoughts should be stopped, you have to take treatment for the right channel and say 108 names of Shri Shiva, Rama Kavach + Shri Himalaya Chandrama mantra 6 times and Hanuman Chalisa with your left hand up.

Q: Cleaning the negative attention or impurity of attention.
A: It's a problem from the right Mooladhara chakra and right channel. You have to take a footsoak with warm water for the left foot and have the right foot in cold water. You should put ice on the liver, say Shri Kartikeya 108 names; Prayer: Shri Mataji, please remove all the negative attention within me and all the blockages from the right side Mooladhara.

Q: Family possessions and bhoots generated by the family.
A: It should be cleaned from the back Agnya. Prayer: Shri Mataji I forgive all the problems in my family, I forgive my family for all mistakes, please remove all the negativity generated by the family. Shri Mataji please forgive all my ancestors. Then they say the mantra Ham x 3 times, then say 21 times the mantra for Shri Mahaganesha + special prayer for Back Agnya (see page 230 - Nirmala Vidya mantra book) and in the morning, if possible, to stay with your Back Agnya in the sun.

Q: Excess of cholesterol in the body.
A: It is a problem of the right channel. Place ice on right Swadisthan, liver and ego. Say Hanuman Chalisa with you left hand toward the sky. Shri Hanuman controls heat on the right channel.

Q: Skin problems.
A: Nabhi chakra catch . You should clean the left Nabhi chakra and Void chakra. Place a mixture of gheru on the skin in the affected area. (N tr. - Shri Mataji speaks about gheru in materials about medical treatments).

Q: Depression, anxiety, insomnia.
A: Depression and anxiety are blockages of the left channel, while insomnia is blocking of the right channel. You have to say the 108 names of Shri Mahakali and use candle treatment for left Swadisthan chakra and left Agnya chakra, then say the 21 names of Shri Bhairava. Before going to bed say mantra for Shri Mahakali-Badrakali-Kali-Kalki-11 times. Then prayer: Shri Mataji now I'll go to bed, please take care of my sleep.

Q: Low immunity, Low tension, Hernia.
A: Weak immunity and hernia are problems of the left and right channel. You should put the candle in excess and warmed and unbalanced/heated the liver and right channel. You have to make the treatment to balance the right channel. For low tension you have to make the treatment with three candles.

Q: Attachment for illness or Hypochondria.
A: Shoebeat, 2 times per day, morning and evening, shoebeat your attachment and attention.

Q: Allergies.
A: It is left Nabhi chakra catch. Do not put ice on the liver because it is already lethargic. Say Shri Himalaya Chandrama 6 times, Hanuman Chalisa and pray: Shri Mataji, please balance my liver. Then say mantra Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Sruti Rupena Samsthita ... during this time you have to have your hand on back Agnya chakra.

Q: Insecurity related to the child.
A: Say every morning - Devi Kavach, and evening – Rama Kavach, until the problem disappears.

Q: I can not sit in the semi lotus position (meditation position) I have back pain.
A: Take footsoaks. Then place both your hands on the back on Nabhi chakra and say: Shri Mataji, You are truly Shri Bhagavati, please remove my back pain. Then rub/massage the back with both hands in the Void area and kidneys, and at the same time say mantra for Shri Bhagavati.

Q: Persistent head pain (migraine) and infections.
A: It is a blockage on the Void chakra and Ekadesha Rudra. Say 108 names of Shri Adi Guru. Make a bandhan on the Void chakra, put the candle on the left Void and say mantra for the 10 primordial masters, and afterwards say the 11 name of Shri Ekadesha Rudra.

Q: Problems of Mooladhara and attention.
A: Say Ganesha Atharva Sheersha, make bandhan for Back Agnya and surrender. Say I am the spirit.

Q: Deficiency of calcium in the body.
A: It is a problem of Swadisthan chakra, left or right. Say the 21 names of Shri Saraswati Brahmadeva + Bhagawati mantra. Depending on the side that is affected (left or right Swadisthan) say mantra for specific chakra.

Q: Insect bites.
A: Use cocum and ginger. Make Cocum juice and put on the skin in affected areas and / or exposed to insect stings.

Q: The inability/incapacity to have children.
A: The mother should clean her right Swadisthan chakra with footsoaks and ice. Then say the 108 names of Shri Lakshmi. In the evening place subja seeds in a glass of water for vibrations before Shri Mataji’s photo, and drink all the contents in the morning immediately after waking up.

Q: Children do not want to meditate. What to do?
A: Do not force it. Meditation is a process SAHAJ, spontaneous, can not be imposed on anyone. Ask them to sit next to you, in front of you when you meditate. Lift their Kundalini, put you hand on the child back and tell that he or she is a Sahaja yogi. Their Kundalini will rise and they gradually began to meditate.

Q: Guilt, lack of self-esteem, excessive pleasure of eating junk food.
A: Do not eat junk food and do not give it to children! Make treatment for Left Vishuddhi blockage.

Q: Water retention.
A: Meditate and give vibrations.

Q: Inability/incapacity to discriminate between Shri Mataji and superego.
A: Do not use imagination in meditation, for example: we saw Shri Ganesha, etc.. This is the superego. If you see all sorts of things you are not in meditation. Hamsa Chakra is affected. Say mantra for Hamsa Chakra Swamini and prayer: Shri Mataji, please give me the discrimination to choose between good and evil.

Q: Psychological problems.
A: These are blockages of the left channel. Place a candle on the left Vishuddhi, and then say the name of Shri Vishnumaya and the 108 names of Shri Mahakali.

Q: Problems with varicose veins.
A: You should put ice on the area with varicose, then you need to be make a physical exercise. The person who is effected should lay on their back, and then do exercise with your legs as if cycling. The affected person should avoid having their legs up for too long.

Q: Leg pain.
A: It is a block on the right Vishuddhi. You can eliminate the pain with ice on your right wrist and right Vishuddhi.

Q: Hormonal and menstrual problems.
A: Take footsoaks, say Ganesha Atharva Sheersha with attention on Swadisthan chakra.

Q: Lethargic collectivity or lack of development for devotion.
A: Use string burning, paper burning, shoebeating. Shoebeating has maximum effect, focused on the lack of quality (qualities) that we wish to improve or develop. Do not shoebeat the chakras name or the deities name.

Q: Uterine fibroids.
A: It's a block on the Swadisthan and Nabhi chakra. You have to use footsoaks, reading the Ganesha Atharva Sheersha. Then say the 108 names of Shri Mahakali and the 108 names of Shri Adi Guru.

Q: Problems with retina.
A: Put vibrated water from Shri Mataji on your eye with a pipette, several drops daily. Or place rose water to vibrate it in the front of Shri Mataji's photo and then put in the eye with a pipette, several drops, daily. In addition, you have to stay with your Back Agnya in the sun.

Q: Poor vision due to weak eyes.
A: You have to say the 12 names of Shri Surya.

Q: Treatment for pregnant women.
A: When a woman is pregnant she should avoid treatments; she should not give Self-Realisation because they can take/absorb catches very easy. You have to say Devi Kavach and 108 names of Shri Lakshmi / daily and have footsoaks everyday.

Q: Cold
A: It is blocking of the right channel. Footsoak should be taken 2 times / day. And read the Hanuman Chalisa, Rama Kavach and put ice on the liver.

Q: Sleepiness/weariness during Sahaja Yoga programs.
A: The problem is from the left channel. No more thinking about the past ever, abandon the past at the Lotus Feet of Shri Mataji's. Then use the candle treatment for the left channel and read the 108 names of Shri Mahakali.

At the final of the conference the doctor told to the audience: Do not go to the doctor, meditate well! During the seminar, she said that all the answers for health problems can be found through meditation.

COMMENT FROM THE AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL PLEASE NOTE: The advice above requires everyone to please use your common sense when applying these suggestions to yourself, if you are taking any medical treatments we advise you to continue doing so and if you have not already done so, seek professional advice especially if your health problems do not seem to be improving, or getting worse.

Some Sahaj Medical Advise

As received through email from one of the yogi


Sharing some advices from Mother about Health care in New York, US in 1983

Hamsa: put heated butter or Ghee in the bottle with dropper and then put slightly warm butter into the noses in the night before sleep. Can do every 2-3 days or everyday for avoiding cold weather trap inside. All Sahaja Yogis are suppose to do this and keep Hamsa chakras alright. . If too much of cold, mix little pure camphor with butter.

Ear: must put Olive oil, is very important.
In another Mother's talk, She said that we should put oil to ear and nose before travelling.

Teeth: rubbing our gum with vibrated Salt and Olive oil. Then we won't have to go to dentist anymore.

Eye: apply Kajar to clean our eyes, then we won't have black eye underneath.

Wearing Undershirt: is compulsory in Sahaja Yoga whenever maybe the weather is hot or cold.

Under the cold weather: put a cotton wool ball into the ears before going outside. Cover our head while sleeping in the night. We must look after our Sahasrara, then we won't have any problem.

Diet: If we are the liver(hot liver) person, take liver diet. If we are left sided person, we should not take carbohydrate at all and take protein. Bigger than us animals are not good for our teeth and our body. Beef makes our teeth muscle swelling.

Plastic: is anti-God, anti-human life, anti-biological process. We should avoid plastic and Nylon as far as possible. Not eat food on plastic plate or using plastic utencils, can eat on paper. Don't use something is absolutely made out of plastic. If we wear plastic shoes, would develop skin disease.

"Sugar is against our growth" is Flasehood.
Sugar: is very important for our liver and attention.  It's better take white sugar rather than red sugar, because red sugar has molasses that is very heating for our body.

Food: must be given Bandhan before eating or use our hands for eating after washing our hands. When we take water, first get vibrated and then drink. Because so many people, who created and touched the food may without a good mind or something wrong with them.

Hair: at least every Saturday, oil our hair with so much Olive oil or Amla oil. Rub it nicely and wash it at next day. We always feel peaceful.

Hair grow: With proper care we can have our hair. Put vibrated oil on Sahasrara every week, we will have a soothe personality, a soothe movement and deal with other people with a gentle manner.

Soap: use the natural soap

Not cover our forehead(Agnya) or eyeswith hair: keep it open and keep the central part if possibleapply for the adult and children.

Massage: Don't ask a non Sahaja yogis to massage or touch us. Because they might carry bad vibration, we may suffer. Only allow a realised person or ourselves to massage on us, not masseur.

Children: should be massaged with oil until 5 year old every night before they sleep. Then they are well behave and quiet because oil sooth down nerves. Without massage, they are always running and jumping. The movement of massaging should be upward with oil.

1983 Advice given to mothers:
Do not use baby oils without vitamins:
"...Baby should be oil massaged daily as it is very good for the chakras. Use an oil such as olive, almond, mustard or ghee or butter but not the proprietary baby oils, as they do not contain vitamins. Do not use olive oil on the hair, as this turns white. Massage with the oil towards the Sahasrara on the head, as if to 'fill' the Sahasrara with oil..."

1986 Advice on children, Vienna:
"...The child must be healthy with developed muscles and must have fat. If the child is skinny or his muscles are not developed then you should give massage. It's very important. Best is to massage with ghee or butter(vitamin A and D). Butter is the best and can be mixed with saffron (for the smell)..."

1986 Guidelines for Sahaja Yoga Education, Rome:  Give them(children) colourful dresses, not black or with dull, dusty colours.

1992 Talk to Yogis, Canberra:  Respect for the photo(Shri Mataji's photo)
"...Teach them(children) not to put their back and their feet to the photo...

13/4/1986 (Rahuri Question & Answer)  "Cow milk: is left side, because she is the Mother. And you should not have cow s milk because it is the left side. Whether it is cow s milk or buffalo s milk, all will give you allergies, but if you have animals which are smaller than you, like if you can drink, like Mahatma Gandhi, goat s milk, you might not have the problem."

Friday, January 24, 2014

Vote for Shri Mataji

Jai Shri Mataji!

Please vote for Shri Mataji on http://www.thetoptens.com/greatest-people/

This has been passed to us by our brothers in US who initiated it !

This seems like a great idea to bring awareness about who is Shri Mataji for general public .We all know She is beyond numbers and cannot be compared.  However, it is a useful statistic to show it to general public. It will help create more awareness about Her in the world !
Our holy mother is always victorious !!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brief Circular International Birthday Puja-Chhindwara (MP) 19 to 21 March 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Jai Shri Mataji. 


We are once again circulating brief details regarding International Birthday Puja 2014 at Chhindwara (MP). The detailed Puja circular will be issued shortly. 


You are all cordially invited for the International Birthday Puja at Chhindwara with your families. Please note the essential details so as to plan your journey. 


Essential details are as under:  
 (a)  Puja Dates 19 to 21 March 2014.

(b) Programme will commence from 1100 hours on 19 March 2014. Havan will be at 1730 hours on 19 march 2014.
 (c) Puja Timings: Puja will commence at 1130 h on 21 March 2014. From 1030 h to 1115 h Shri Matajis video of a previous Birthday Puja will be shown. Dispersal will be from 1500 hours onwards.  
(d)  Seminar Expenses for three days:
 Indian Sahaja Yogis: 
 (i)     Adults - Rs. 1500/-
(ii)     Yuvas - Rs. 1200/- (12 to 25 years)
(iii)     Child  - Rs. 700/- (6 to 12 years)
(iv)     Puja Day Only - Rs. 500/-
Foreign Sahaja Yogis:
(i)     Adults - $ 40
(ii)    Yuvas - $ 30
(iii)    Child  - $ 20
Detailed Circular:

a) Showing our invitation and details regarding responsibilities, bank account, transportation, detailed programme etc will be released shortly.

b) The above information is being forwarded for you to plan your reservations & journey to Chhindwara (M.P) and back. 


Note : We have been informed that State coordinators are not taking adequate steps in time to inform their SY Centres. Kindly inform all your Centres and all SYs of your respective States through all possible methods and means including personal calls to the City/ Centre Coordinators.  


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Puja Calender 2014 - National Trust

National trust have released their puja calender for Year 2014 : 

Dear All, Jai Shri Mataji

All India Sahaja Yoga Puja Calendar -2014, finalised by the National Trust, is forwarded for your information. Changes,if any, will be notified in due course

All dates have been harmonized, as far as possible, with the dates of the Pujas planned by the World Foundation/ CC abroad. The dates for Adi Shakti Puja and Diwali Pujas differ in our case due to the onset of rains in the hills of Uttarakhand by 15 June 2014 and hence the Puja in India has been scheduled to coincide with the National Seminar in the first week of June (08 June 2014) in the Hills of Uttarakhand. 

The actual date of Diwali being 23 Oct 2014we have selected the next week end for our Puja celebrations including marriages by which time all SYs will be free from their domestic obligations. 

The dates selected for both these Pujas fall within SHUKLA PAKSHA.

(Regional Seminar cum Puja)
02 March,2014

Ranchi (Jharkhand)
& Ludhiana
28 Feb to 02 March, 2014.
(International/ National Puja)
21 March,2014
(M.P, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra)
19 to 22 March 2014.
(Regional Seminar cum Puja)
5 May,2014
04 to 05 May - 2014.

(National Seminar & Puja)
8 June, 2014
(Place to be Decided)
Seminar Dates: 06 to 08 June 2014. Havan on 05 June AN.
SHRI ADI GURU PUJA (Regional Seminar & Puja)
13July, 2014
Place to be decided
Seminar dates: 11-13 July 2014
(Regional Seminar & Puja)
17 Aug 2014
Lucknow (UP)
15-17 Aug, 2014.
(Regional Seminar cum Puja)
31 Aug 2014.
Place to be decided
29-31 Aug, 2014.
(Regional Seminar cum Puja)
28 Sep, 2014
Chhindwara (MP)
Kerela (Place to be decided)

26-28 Sep, 2014.

(National Seminar cum Puja)
02 Nov 2014.
Jaipur (Rajasthan)
31Oct – 02 Nov 2014.
(National Seminar cum Puja)
25th Dec, 2014
(by Rajasthan,  Gujrat and Maharashtra Collectivity)
23 to 25 Dec, 2014.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Now Controversy at Vashi Health Center, 22nd Comunication from Centeral Comittee

Hi Blog

Sorry for a long delay, However I am back.

With all the infighting(s) and energizing of  energy for non productive work being all time high. I laugh at the world (including myself).

Now, there has been some controversy in VHC a few places which by mataji blessing had not  faced any issues since long. Not knowing much details i reproduce a few emails that i received over last few days on this topic.

Please use your own wisdom, vibratory awareness to absorb the message :-)
Lets pary all this crap to finish off and we all are united and work in synergies to spread sahajyoga soon

Initial letter received, (PS this is OCR text extraction of a JPG Image hence might have errors) :
Dear all Sahaia Yogi BrotherS & Sisters!
Jai Shri Mataji,

Subject:  Regarding harassment to all staff members including CMO & Research Director of International Sahajayoga Research & Health center,CBD Belapur.

we have received communication from our respected trustees of LET Mumbai (Namly Mrs Kalpana Shrivastav,Mr Sudarshan Sharma,Mr. rajiv Kumar. & Mr.Pravin jawalkar) and this message has been widely circulated through sending messages to all Mumbai collectivity, We all like to Inform all Sahajayogis of the world that the situation we are facing in Health Center (Vashi hospital) since last 1 year.

We, the employees of Vashi Health Center have the following to say on these issues :

1)Vashi Hospital is a holy place for all sahajayogies.lts a vision of Shri matali for curing yogis/ research uplitment of sahajayoga, but since i year all doctors and staff including our C.M.O/C.E.O & Research director i.e(Dr Madhur Rai & Dr Sandeep Rai respectively) are being harassed mentally due to which we are not able to give our best services to Shri Mataji

2)AS you all know there was a fire incident which took place on 25th iuly,2013 at Vashi Hospital in this incident few employees of Vashi Health Center were stuck up during the fire rescue and they are the only sahajyogies (employee) who rescued all of us .AlsO in this incident our few employees got injured and out of which three staff members got suffocated in smoke cause due to fire. This has also affected the health of sahajyogis admitted in health center but none of our dear respected trustees were bothered for enquiring this incident even after being informed by our C.M.O/C.E.O & Research director i.e(Dr Madhur Rai & Dr Sandeep Rai respectively, After this incident they got time on 29th September 2013 to come to health center for trust meeting. This Is the concern they had towards Vashi health center staff.

3)All the trustees are always interested and happy to organize meeting in health center in Shri Mataji Appt. for dealing of others matters rather than Vashi Hospital issues and also they take funds from Vashi HospItal for Ganpatipule and For Other Projects and not bother bothers about Health Center Construction and Structural Work. Instead of that they have calculated CTS (Cost To Company) how much money is wasted on food and other resources which are provided to the staff which are their basic needs.

4)Dr.Sandeep Rai is working as Research Director in Vashi Health Center. He is whole and sole person who looks after the research work which Is again a Shri Mataji vision. He is one of the 3 persons who is doing research work for shajavoga for which he never took a penny and he is working in Vashi Health Center on honorary basis. This research work helps all the yogis to present sahajayoga scientifically all over seminar. But now he has been terminated for the post of research director. The reason for his termination was he was supported for welfare of all employees of Vashi Health Center. We do not at all agree the allegations’ made by trustees against Dr.SandeeP Rai which is not true at all.

5)All employees of Vashi Health Center have approached C.M.O/C.E.O & Research director i.e.(Dr Madhur Rai & Dr Sandeep Rai respectively) to represent our case and to speak on our behalf in all our matters right from our yearly increment in the year 2013 which was given to us after Dr,Madhur Rai & Dr.Sandeep Rai and we ourselves have lot of argument with Board Of Trustees which had to be greatly persuaded to give us decent Increment.

6)Regarding provident fund to employees: There has been lack of transparency in taking our signatures. The Accounts Dept. Was instructed the date of applicability of Provident fund was not communicated either to Dr,Madhur Rai & to the Accounts Dept or to us before the signature were taken. In the meeting they gave a paper stating that the board of trustees has decided that Provident fund is acceptable on voluntary basis to all employees from October 2013. Its only Shri Matai divine working that this sheet was not in their hands.
Dr.Sandeep Rai is the person who has been trying his best on both the sides, but the LET,Mumba’ trustees now find Dr.Sandeep Rai’s presence objectionable in the meeting of Board Of Trustees

7)The trustees feel that the exemplary behaviour of being a sahalyogi is to work on honorary basis. Yes, this is possible either you are retired and already having pension or you have an alternative source of income. For most of we are the sole bread- earners for our families and being employee in Vashi Health Center. This is our only source of income and we ask for our wages to run our families which we feel does not go against being as sahayogi.

8)AS Mr.Parag Raje were formal trustee of LET for many years who was also appointed by Shri Mataji herself,He was very loyal & sincere person and they have terminated him from the trustee post for the same reasons as Dr.Sandeep Rai were terminated I.e. the welfare of Vashi Health center staff.

9)Our respected trustees have appointed manager, admintStrator, who are retired in their services end these trustees think that they are trust worthy and true sahajyogis and we are not trustworthy according to them. We all employees have raised an obiection for appointing a manager or administrator to manage vashi hospital .Dr.Sandeep Ral has conveyed a message on behalf of all employees that from last one year we have been harassed and PF has not been given which is our right.

10)As we all know this was first trust formed by Shri Matai in 1972. So these trustees are not at all worthy to look after the LET trust which is mother divine work. Now we all are humbly request you please put your attention on this Issues of Vashi Health Center

We need to send you all this mail as now.atter the way Dr, Sandeep Rai has been targeted, by terminating Dr.Sandeep rai, the trustees are terminating all our faith and the trustees are pointing on our sincerity ,we all are not sure now who will be targeted next. We all are denying this decision of the trustees for terminating Dr. sandip rai Please excuse us for sending you this mail, but we have written this to you all as you all are our sahaji brothers and sisters.

With sincere regards
Vashi Hospital Staff
Jal shri mataji
And Post this goot some facebook conversation on email :
LET opens its mouth :

The decision of the Life Eternal Trust Mumbai (LET) asking Dr Sandip Rai to step down from the position of Director Research at Vashi Health Centre (VHC), has led to a spate of email exchange, which has been caused by the dramatic meeting called by Dr. Madhur and Sandip Rai on the night of October 24, 2013 and after which the staff of VHC has told the LET that they will stop all work, irrespective of its impact on the patients or on the cohesion in the global collective.

So it is only fair that all of us look at LET's reasons for taking the step that it did and also understand the context which has led to the current situation.

1. Most importantly and foremost, LET wants to unequivocally state and give its complete commitment to sustaining the wonderful and internationally recognized work of the (VHC). We have not ever in the past and will never compromise on that.

2. LET's commitment to VHC is demonstrated in its agreeing to all the demands of salary increases, over the last years without any resistance; the fact that doctors and staff are among the best paid in their category in Mumbai; its agreement to implement the Provident Fund scheme, when it is not legally required, announcing the Deewali bonus this year as done in the past. Completely contrary to the falsity being spread, LET has never, repeat never, held back any financial demands by VHC staff or its CMO, Dr Madhur Rai.

3. LET has always and continues to recognize the selfless and dedicated work done by Dr Madhur Rai as CMO to which position she was appointed by Shri Mataji. Our support to her is reflected in the fact that even in its latest communication, LET has requested Dr Madhur Rai to continue in her position. We invited both her and Dr Sandip Rai to the last Trust meeting which was held in VHC. They attended for the entire duration. We have always consulted with them on all issues pertaining to the VHC.

4. Even the recent appointments of Dr Smita Bugde, Mr Bugde and Deepti were made only and only in response to Dr Madhur Rai's specific requests for more staff. And then Dr Madhur Rai agreed to two of these appointments in an email on the very next day. LET firmly believed that we were working together to strengthen VHC and we want to only work together to build on the great work started by our Mother. We are therefore a bit taken aback by the news that Dr Madhur Rai has contacted Dr Bugde, a sahaja yogini of long standing and a fully qualified doctor, discouraging her to join- despite the fact that Dr. Bugde, her husband and Deepti have all offered to work on a voluntary basis. Is this behaviour of Dr Madhur in discouraging Dr Bugde from joining VHC compatible with to strengthening the VHC ?

5. While we of course recognize and have always recognized the splendid work done by the doctors and staff of VHC, we also want to reiterate that it is Mother's compassion and only Her love and blessings that works in VHC to the benefit of all those who go there. Doctors are instruments of Mother's powers and love- they cannot appropriate the powers that belong to Mother and Mother alone just as music instruments cannot replace the musician.

6. The recent problem has arisen because despite Dr Madhur Rai's agreement on the new appointments, as she had asked for them, Dr Sandip Rai sent the trustees an arbitrary and most discourteous communication simply saying that these appointments were not acceptable to the Working Committee while they were acceptable to the CMO. There has never been a working committee in the VHC and it is patently illegal and most anti-collective. This political step is Dr Sandip Rai's initiative to oppose rather than work collegially with the LET.

7. This arbitrary and conflict dominated approach of Dr Sandip Rai is not new. It has been persistently followed for at least a year. It started with Dr Madhur Rai stepping down as a trustee of the LET on February 17, 2013. She voluntarily chose to do so because Indian rules do not permit a trustee to take a salary from the trust. When this was pointed out to her, she chose to be the full time salaried CMO, instead of being a trustee working on voluntary basis. LET was OK with this decision because we knew she would continue to be available to the Trust for advice. Let us point out that current trustees work on an honorary basis and do not accept any form of financial help, (not even their transport charges and out of pocket expenses for their work in the Trust. On the contrary, the trustees have donated their own money when the Trust required them.

8. But Dr Sandip Rai did not take Dr. Madhur Rai's stepping down from the trust (and she was replaced by Rajiv Kumar) in the right spirit and ever since that day has made it a case of VHC versus LET. Since then he has constantly opposed every possible initiative of the LET for greater transparency and some regularisation of processes and procedures at the VHC. And he as defamed the trustees to all those who have come to VHC. Is this Sahaja behaviour?

9. Demands, which were never made earlier, started to be made. At a public meeting at VHC on May 11, 2013, when some trustees, including Kalpana Didi were present, open hostility and abusive behaviour was adopted and every issue was converted into a confrontation. Dr Sandip Rai's latest action of arbitrarily rejecting LET's decisions, taken in response to Dr Madhur Rai's requests, is ample proof of his attempt to break away from LET and appropriate the VHC as his own fiefdom.

10. Although Dr Madhur Rai has made this as a VHC versus LET issue, we firmly believe that this is not the case. It is simply that LET cannot have a senior person leading an unethical and completely un-sahaja activity of only demanding more and more financial payments and openly defaming the trustees of the LET. We want to bring to the notice of Dr Sandip Rai and others who are openly defaming the trustees in public that the trustees could be forced to take legal recourse to protect their character and social standing which is being flagrantly violated by Dr Rais and all those who are not checking the facts and making wild allegations.

11. Another issue that has been raised is the use of revenues generated by the VHC. As we have said above, LET has given the most generous and above normal financial packages for the doctors and staff in the Indian and Mumbai context. There has never been any financial stringency. The only change that is sought to be made is for greater transparency and accountability. Is that non-Sahaja?

12. LET has also asked VHC to transfer some revenues to other projects which the LET is implementing like the development of Ganapatipule and Vaitarna Music Academy. Dr Sandip Rai has falsely propagated that LET simply takes way the revenues, while hiding the fact that this has been done only for Sahaja work.

13. Dr Sandip Rai has been single-handedly working to un-do the great work Mother had started and that his father contributed to so marvellously . This is best brought out in the case of giving Provident Fund (PF) to all the employees of VHC. LET, after ascertaining all facts and complexities, decided to pay the PF with effect from 1 October 2013. Let it be clarified that even during Mother's Sakshat presence, this was not paid and legal opinion is at best divided on it. But Sandip Rai has led the agitation to pay the PF for the last ten years to all employees!! It may be asked why ten years and not from the very inception of the Centre in that case? Despite our repeated requests he has failed to understand that paying PF retrospectively will: (i) place an inordinate financial burden on the VHC which really cannot even be estimated as even those who have since left will now demand their past PF dues; (ii) it will open the VHC and LET to all manner of litigation that could embroil us forever in labour courts given the justice system in India; (iii) it has the possibility of unnecessarily sullying Mother's name as questions would then be raised on why it was not paid during that time. Dr Sandip Rai's unwise behaviour and intentions, which he cleverly hides, are perhaps surprising to some but true beyond doubt. We in LET are duty bound to not let him convert the VHC in to a trade union and let them wreck it. He or the staff have no proprietary rights over the VHC.

14. Dr Sandip Rai seems to have decided that they will leave nothing for the development of other projects started by Mother to which some of the surplus has been used. He has unfortunately convinced the staff that all revenues generated in the VHC belong to them and them alone. This has encouraged them to behave in a most anti-collective manner and be persistently focused on money alone. Will this help clear the Nabhis of those who come there? 

15. Mother in Her infinite wisdom established the LET Mumbai and LET Delhi. LET Mumbai was the first Trust established by her on March 8, 1972 to promote and propagate Her work. She Herself registered it with the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai. She Herself wrote the objects of the Trust which reveal Her grand vision, which is a must read for every Sahaja yogi. She Herself put the VHC under the LET Mumbai and did not set up VHC as an autonomous body. So any argument or attempt to now make it autonomous will be working directly and improperly against Her Will. LET will not allow this to happen as long as we can help it. Also to note, Indian Laws make the trustees accountable and liable for all legal duties and compliances to all regulatory bodies. Mother also wrote that all laws of the land should be followed.

16. To repeat- LET is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the Vashi Health Centre; there is no question of LET not recognizing the splendid work done by Dr Madhur Rai and her team of dedicated workers; and there is no question of a conflict between LET and VHC when we are all here to serve Mother's cause. We will of course not permit anyone to wreck Mother's legacy and will demand a minimum level of accountability and good governance. We consider this as our duty as trustees of a Trust established by Her.

Kalpana Srivastava: Chairperson LET Mumbai
Sudershan Sharma: Trustee
Pravin Javalker: Trustee
Rajiv Kumar: Trustee
Followed by this where were many more mails with each one mudslapping each other, opinions of few sahajis, personal attackes and what not. Since these are not the parties involved and I personally feel a few of them are allegations with proof(s) and i do not want to add myself to contrivesory the final contribution has come as 22nd communication from central committe. IF came as PDF and text of the same reads as :

Ps. Since the text was not easily copy + Pastable hence i have gone through same image/ocr route and hence some errors in tranlations are expected.

22nd communication from central committe:
Dear Members of the National Trust, Dear Members of the CCI
Dear Members of the ISPS and Vashi Boards,
CC The National Coordinators

In 2013 several matters concerning events in India were brought to the attention of the CC. At the beginning of the year, parents of children at the ISPS School in Dharamsala approached the CC and shared their heartfelt concern about the situation in IS PS; consequently the CC advised the World Foundation to conduct an independent evaluation to restore confidence in the situation. The WF agreed but the ISPS Board did not. Rather a group affiliated to the Board mandated its own exercise whose conclusions were not circulated. This of course does not promote transparency and trust. The fact we are a spiritual community does not imply we wish management to operate in secrecy. We know the school was questioned by outside powe rs in the past and we rallied to defend it but the Board should help us to be in a position to do so.

More recently a number of people suggested a mediation of the CC in the conflict affecting Vashi. The CC of course deeply shares the concern expressed about events in Vashi, especially since some of its members had been trying for quite some time to request both parties involved (VHC and the trustees) to chose the path of reconciliation. It is most unfortunate but tensions between the two parties have indeed been ongoing over the year and we have been recommending that a solution be found before we get to where we now, regrettably, find ourselves.

For a CC mediation in Vashi to bring some results, any help that we would have been willing to offer would have required the prior request and willingness of both parties in order for it to be effective and it would also have called for our own assessment of conditions that could bring about a solution.

Both the fate of our children and the future of the Vashi Center are important to the global sangha. At the same time the truth of the matter is that the CC has no authority to dictate how situations in ISPS or Vashi can be solved without the consent of the respective boards.

With respect to ISPS and in the interest of the institution, the CC chose not to bypass the Board and in both cases, common sense suggests that a solution must be found with the Boards of the respective institutions. Hence people who focus their mail attacks on Board members may perhaps feel better but they do not focus on a solution.

We remain mindful of the fact that, when HHSM created the Central Committee, She also asked that a Central Committee be created in India. Therefore we consider that a lasting return to auspiciousness and peace in India, our largest national sangha, would require a similar effort at reconciliation between the institutions in India, whose divergences are a relevant context to the difficulties in Vashi.

This is why, we would like to humbly refer to our previous mail, and invite the National Trust, LET and the CC India to find the path of reconciliation by 1) talking to each other, and 2) discussing steps that would help a return to trust between those concerned. With such goodwill being activated, solutions for ISPS, Vashi, or other institutions will be much easier to reach. We would like to plead with Kalpana didi in the Mumbai LET Board to facilitate such a positive evolution and with Sadhana didi in the JSPS Board to accept the facilitation of a nonpartisan renewal of the Board of ISPS, adding members who are respectable and respected by all of us.

If further divisions in the sangha were deepened in the context of family run institutions and along dynastic lines, this would clearly not serve the interest of the sangha or of the family of HH Shri Mataji. It would be so contrary to the teachings of Shri Mataji that this trend must be stopped and this course firmly avoided.

With love and respect, we bow to the collective wisdom of our brothers and sisters in India,
The Members of the Central Committee