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Friday, December 28, 2012

International Birthday Puja & Seminar At Chhindwara -19 to 21 March 2013

As received via email
(Regd. At New Delhi underTrust Act 1882 wide Regd. No. 2463 dated 07.04.2005)
International Birthday Puja Seminar At Chhindwara, (Madhya Pradesh) - India
19  to 21  March 2013
Preliminary Instructions and Invitation

It is really a new race that has come up, really. Somewhere, somebody goes wrong or something happens. Doesn't matter. On the whole it's such a beautiful race of people. I face them before me. Even in dreams people could not have believed it. They don't yet believe it. But it has happened, you must now have an enlightened faith, which we call as 'Shraddha'. With that enlightened faith I am sure you will adhere to the emancipation of human beings. It's your duty now. It is all given free. ---------. If you keep it to yourself, you can never be happy, you can never be joyous. So you have to be absolutely collective and then you will see how it works out. 
1995-0320: Birthday Puja, New Delhi

In Sahaja Yoga, you have to know you have to be really dedicated and honest. You should enjoy your honesty, you should enjoy your love, you should enjoy your generosity, everything.
2001-0321: Birthday Puja, New Delhi

Dear Brothers and Sisters

In the year 1923, on 21 March at 12 noon, Shri Mataji, our most Beloved and Divine Mother and Guru, was born in Chhindwara, in Central India. Looking with awe at the smiling and radiant Baby, her Grandmother exclaimed , She is NISHKALANKA i.e. without any blemish. But Nishkalanka is a boy’s name so the girl was named NIRMALA, meaning the Pure and the Immaculate.  Her incarnation is the single most important event in the evolution and spiritual history of mankind because it marked the advent of the Supreme Goddess (the Adi Shakti) on this earth. The significance of the advent of Adi Shakti, is far more profound because it has set into motion the transition of human beings to the next stage of evolution- the Fourth Dimension or the “Turya” state.

Our Divine Mother, gave us, through self realisation the understanding that the ultimate goal of our evolution, is to become the spirit, the reflection of God Almighty in our hearts. She made us experience HER Divine Love within us through which she nourished and nurtured us and continues to do so, so that we establish ourselves in the Kingdom of God and take this glorious movement of Sahaja Yoga forward so as to establish Satya Yuga ( Age of Truth) on earth.

Dear Sahaja Family, with folded hands and open hearts, with the Grace of our Holy Mother, the Indian Collectivity invites you to join us at Chhindwara near Nagpur in Madhya Pradesh, for celebrating our Beloved Mothers 90th Birthday. Your presence will add beauty, charm, and vibrations to the World Collective which gathers at Chhindwara to dance to the tune of our Holy Mothers Love.

By the Grace of Her Holiness, we have acquired adequate land measuring about 35 acres at Linga (Chhindwara) where we will be making the entire arrangement for the Seminar and Puja.
This invitation is to enable you to arrange you air/rail reservations in time. Detailed programme along with other administrative details will follow in a few days time.

The Circular is also attached as a file for use at your end.

With Love and Respects for all Sahaja Yogis all over the world.