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Friday, December 28, 2012

International Birthday Puja & Seminar At Chhindwara -19 to 21 March 2013

As received via email
(Regd. At New Delhi underTrust Act 1882 wide Regd. No. 2463 dated 07.04.2005)
International Birthday Puja Seminar At Chhindwara, (Madhya Pradesh) - India
19  to 21  March 2013
Preliminary Instructions and Invitation

It is really a new race that has come up, really. Somewhere, somebody goes wrong or something happens. Doesn't matter. On the whole it's such a beautiful race of people. I face them before me. Even in dreams people could not have believed it. They don't yet believe it. But it has happened, you must now have an enlightened faith, which we call as 'Shraddha'. With that enlightened faith I am sure you will adhere to the emancipation of human beings. It's your duty now. It is all given free. ---------. If you keep it to yourself, you can never be happy, you can never be joyous. So you have to be absolutely collective and then you will see how it works out. 
1995-0320: Birthday Puja, New Delhi

In Sahaja Yoga, you have to know you have to be really dedicated and honest. You should enjoy your honesty, you should enjoy your love, you should enjoy your generosity, everything.
2001-0321: Birthday Puja, New Delhi

Dear Brothers and Sisters

In the year 1923, on 21 March at 12 noon, Shri Mataji, our most Beloved and Divine Mother and Guru, was born in Chhindwara, in Central India. Looking with awe at the smiling and radiant Baby, her Grandmother exclaimed , She is NISHKALANKA i.e. without any blemish. But Nishkalanka is a boy’s name so the girl was named NIRMALA, meaning the Pure and the Immaculate.  Her incarnation is the single most important event in the evolution and spiritual history of mankind because it marked the advent of the Supreme Goddess (the Adi Shakti) on this earth. The significance of the advent of Adi Shakti, is far more profound because it has set into motion the transition of human beings to the next stage of evolution- the Fourth Dimension or the “Turya” state.

Our Divine Mother, gave us, through self realisation the understanding that the ultimate goal of our evolution, is to become the spirit, the reflection of God Almighty in our hearts. She made us experience HER Divine Love within us through which she nourished and nurtured us and continues to do so, so that we establish ourselves in the Kingdom of God and take this glorious movement of Sahaja Yoga forward so as to establish Satya Yuga ( Age of Truth) on earth.

Dear Sahaja Family, with folded hands and open hearts, with the Grace of our Holy Mother, the Indian Collectivity invites you to join us at Chhindwara near Nagpur in Madhya Pradesh, for celebrating our Beloved Mothers 90th Birthday. Your presence will add beauty, charm, and vibrations to the World Collective which gathers at Chhindwara to dance to the tune of our Holy Mothers Love.

By the Grace of Her Holiness, we have acquired adequate land measuring about 35 acres at Linga (Chhindwara) where we will be making the entire arrangement for the Seminar and Puja.
This invitation is to enable you to arrange you air/rail reservations in time. Detailed programme along with other administrative details will follow in a few days time.

The Circular is also attached as a file for use at your end.

With Love and Respects for all Sahaja Yogis all over the world.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Proposed Puja Schedule 2013

The proposed puja Scheduled as per the CC latest mail

Proposed International Puja Calendar 2013  
PUJA  Suggested date for Puja Puja Date Day Place Organising Countries Full Moon days
Shivaratri    10th Mar Sunday To be announced by hosting country UK; co-hosting: Ireland 27-Mar
Birthday 19th-21st Mar 21st Mar Thursday Chindwara India 27-Mar
Easter puja   31st Mar Sunday Cabella Italy; co-hosting: Romania, Spain, Turkey 27-Mar
Sahasrara puja   5th May Sunday Cabella Austria, Germany; co-hosting: Czech Republic, Hungary,  Slovakia, Slovenia 25-May
Shri Buddha puja   25-May Saturday To be announced by hosting country Thailand?; co-hosting: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore,Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, 25-May
Shri Adi Shakti puja   23-Jun Sunday Canajoharie USA; co hosting: Belgium, Estonia, France, Holland, Iceland, Spain 23-Jun
Shri Adi Guru puja   21-Jul Sunday Cabella Italy; co hosting: Bulgaria, India, Iran,Portugal, Russia, Turkey 22-Jul
Shri Krishna puja   01-Sep Sunday Cabella Switzerland; co-hosting: Americas, Baltic's,  Finland, Poland, Scandinavian countries 21-Aug
Shri Ganesha puja   08-Sep Sunday Cabella Australia/Italy; co-hosting:  Asian countries, New Zealand 19-Sep
Navaratri puja   13-Oct Sunday Cabella France(?); co-hosting: Cyprus, Greece,  Israel,  UK, Ukraine 19-Oct
Diwali puja   03-Nov Sunday  To be announced by hosting country India, Nirmal Dham ? no moon 3 Nov
Bhairava puja   24-Nov Sunday Durban Republic of South Africa; co-hosting: African countries  
Christmas puja 23rd-25th Dec 25-Dec Wednesday Ganapatipule India 17-Dec

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Third National Christmas in India - Ganpatiphule

With LET (Delhi) at Nirmal Dhaam and NT at Nargol were not enough I have received a email from LET (Mumbai) for puja at ganpatiphule. sorry for the bad formatting but this is the format in which i received the email (though i have tried to clear the formatting issue a lot)


Life Eternal Trust, Mumbai
B-612, Urmila Society
Koldongri, Andheri ( East ) Mumbai 400 069.

Registration No:  E/4884 (B) 1972

Phone : 022 2684 31 69
Helpline: 0977 333 1 333

5th May, 2012

International Sahaja Yoga Seminar, Nirmal Nagari, Ganapatipule 2012
23rd December to 26th December 2012


With the divine blessings of H.H.SHRI MATAJI NIRMALADEVI, in keeping with our commitment made last year, the Life Eternal Trust, ( Mumbai  ),  is glad to announce the International  Sahaja Yoga Seminar at Nirmal Nagari, Ganapatipule, from 23rd December 2012 upto 26th December 2012 .

The importance of Ganapatipule is known to all. It is the only place in the world where the two Chakras Muladhara & Bhavsagar are cleansed due to the vibrations of the Swayambhu Shri Ganesha & the sea. We all  remember how happily we spent glorious days in the Divine presence of Shri Mataji at Ganapatipule during
Christmas, for many many years. It was an annual pilgrimage for all of us to be cherished for ever.

We were very successful in reviving the Sahaja spirit of those golden days last year in December 2011. This year too everybody is  cordially invited to attend the Seminar for their spiritual ascent.

Please note the following information:

The seminar shall commence with a Havan on 23rd December 2012 from 3 pm onwards and end on 26th December 2012 evening.

Participants contribution:
Adult Rs. 2,000/= per head
Yuva & Senior Citizens                             Rs 1,500/= per head
Children ( 6 to 12 years )                        Rs 1,000/= per head
( Children below  6 years are free )

Extra days Stay only                          Rs. 200/= per day per
head (Food charges extra)

Last day for Registration is 10th December 2012.

Participants badges / coupons will be delivered collectively at the site to  authorised persons only .

Please register before 10th December 2012 to avoid inconvenience at the site.

Mode of Payment of Seminar Contribution:
Contributions for Seminar Expenses may be deposited in cash from any branch of Bank of India
in the following Account :

" The Life Eternal  Trust "
Account No: 00641 011 000 2250
IFS Code :  BKID 000 00 64
Bank of India
Nepean Sea Road branch,
Mumbai 400 006


Only Where Bank of India depositing branch is NOT available, through Bank Draft in favour of " The Life Eternal
Trust " payable at Mumbai.

Payment through cheque is NOT acceptable.

The proof of deposit or the draft may be sent as  per attached Annexure A   and mailed at the following Email ID:  lifeeternaltrust@yahoo.com

We are thankful to all of you who came last year and specially invite you all to come once again. Those who missed the opportunity last year, please do make it a point to come & enjoy the vibrations this year.

We shall be obliged if you can forward this circular to everyone so that all can participate and benefit from this Spiritual Seminar.

With kind regards

For the Life Eternal Trust
Kalpana Srivastava

Seminar Venue: Nirmal Nagari, Malgund-Bhailadi, Ganapatipule,
District Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

How to reach there:

By Train: The closest Konkan Railway station is Ratnagiri.  The seminar site is approx 40 km away from
the Ratnagiri railway station.

A Sahaja Yogi volunteer will be available at Ratnagiri railway station from morning 8 hrs. 22nd December  2012
onwards to assist participants to reach the Seminar site.

Details regarding the trains halting at Ratnagiri are given in Annexure B

All participants shall be entitled to accomodation in a tent only. They are requested to get their own chaddars / Shawls and woolen clothes due to the winter season. A torch may also be useful.

As the site is quite remote, we request all participants to bear with any shortcomings.

Any persons requiring separate hotel accomodation may send their requirements on the email id: lifeeternaltrust@yahoo.com or contact helpline number: 0977 333 1333.  As it is  the holiday
season,  please send your requirements at the earliest.

Reaffirmation of Marriage Vows:
Sahajis who are already married and wish to reaffirm their marriage vows in the holy place of Nirmal Nagari,  can do so on the evening of 26th December 2012 . Such couples may kindly contact Advocate Milind Shedsale with attested copies of their marriage certificates at the site.

Other Helpline Persons & Contact Numbers:
Email ID : lifeeternaltrust@yahoo.com
Helpline / Information :    0977 333 1 333
Seminar Organising Committee Members :
Umesh Bhor ( Mumbai )                               09820 36 77 66
Pravin Jawalkar ( Pune )                              09822 63 99 00
Advocate Milind Shedsale ( Kolhapur )  09422 41 29 96

Helplines for Contribution collection :
Shrirang Jadhav  ( Navi Mumbai )                   09029 10 77 63
Siddharth Gupta ( Nagpur )                          09823 08 94 15
Sumer Singh   ( North India )                            09868 59 51 63
K Sharma ( North India )                                09899 45 6099
Dnyaneshwar( Mumbai )                                  09820 76 64 30
Vasant Kale  ( Nashik )                                        0982301 19 19
Abhijit Chougule ( Kolhapur )                             09922 94 39 88
Ranjit Kumar ( Ranchi , Jharkhand )                  09431 10 89 68
Ashok Chavan ( Shrirampur )                            098 22 2104 38



Received the following, for the forms and other stuff request you to kindly directly contact the email mentioned in the circular and please do not leave a comment on the blog.



Jai Shri Mataji
Sahaja Marriages - 24 December 2012
(During Christmas Puja at Nargol (Gujrat)
All Sahaja Yogis

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is a pleasure to inform you that by the blessings of H.H. SHRI MATAJI, Sahaja Marriages will be solemnized during Christmas Puja on 24th December 2012,which  is being organized by Gujrat Collectivity in coordination with Jaipur (Rajasthan). 
Marriage Application form (blank) is enclosed herewith. It consists of Form I – 1(three pages) in part 1 and one page in part 2 (total 4 sheets) and a declaration form (1Sheet). The Declaration form should be on Rs. 20/- non judicial stamp paper.

Following is required to be noted by State / City Coordinators for their action and for informing the applicants.

A. The Application Form I-1, total 4 pages (Part 1, 3 pages & Part II, 1 page) and declaration form I-2 of 1 page must be submitted duly filled completely, which can also be downloaded from the  website:  www.sahajayoga.org.in.

B. Please make sure that the applicant is practicing Sahaja Yoga for at least 2 years and regularly attending Centre and participating in all Sahaja Yoga programmes / activities in and around the centre/ city.

C. A short note on Sahaja Marriages Background and Fundamental Principles is also enclosed to facilitate proper guidance and counselling to the applicant. The City Coordinator should ensure  that the applicants furnish true and complete information in the Bio Data form.

D. The State/City Coordinators must personally satisfy themselves before certifying and signing on the Bio Data form that the information is correct, true and complete and filled by the applicant. The Bio Data form must be counter signed by the State Coordinator.

E. Part-II of the application form must be filled in by the City Coordinator furnishing the recommendations and counter signature by the State coordinator. It shall be true and unbiased.

F. The “Declaration Form I-2 should be signed by the applicant. It should be on Rs.20/- non judicial Stamp Paper. Coordinators should ensure that it is properly signed.

G. One set of each application form, should be retained by the signing State /City Coordinator for reference.

H. The State/City Coordinators  are  requested to ensure that proper announcement is made at all centers providing above information and the submission dates.

I. The application duly filled in completely, must be submitted by the specified due date. The Coordinators should discourage the late submission of the forms.

J. For any query you can mail to- sahajamarriagesindia@yahoo.com and can contact : Mrs. Nageshwari (M.)-09873002591, Mr. H.P. Chowdhary (M.)-09818685218.

K. MARRIAGE REGISTRATION FEE- The registration fee for couples willing to be married / remarried will be Rs. 30,000(INR) (Rs. 15,000/- each for Sahaja Yogi and Yogini). This must be paid when the couple present themselves for Registration of their marriage at the marriage site/location. 

L. The application forms along with Self Declaration form should be sent immediately not later than 31st October 2012, at the following address positively. Forms received late / incomplete may not be processed. Further, a clear and readable scanned copy of the application form with a colour photograph can also be sent by 31st October 2012, at sahajamarriagesindia@yahoo.com.
      (original form must be sent at the given address.)

M.  All Foreign Sahaja Yogis / Yoginis (applicants) interested in their marriage at Nargol  can also apply using the marriage application form which was circulated on the occasions of Shri Ganesh Puja - 2012 at Cabella and as per instructions contained therein.

With warm regards,

H.P. Chowdhary
Trustee and Member Marriage Committee
H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust  
C-17, Qutab Institutional Area,
New Delhi - 110016.Phone:0091-11-26534769 / 46064125.