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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Diwali Puja & Sahaj Marriages 2015 - Jaipur Rajastha

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H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust

13TH November to 15TH November 2015 at Jaipur, Rajasthan.

MahaLakshmi principle

Mahalakshmi Principle starts after the Lakshmi Tattwa has manifested itself: means when the Lakshmi has been shown through affluence and the satisfaction of affluence, then the Mahalakshmi Principle starts developing in us,then we think of our ascent.
                                                                                    1986-01-06:Shri Mahalakshmi Puja,sangli,India

With the Blessings of Her Holiness Shri Mataji, Diwali Puja  is being organised in  Jaipur  at National Level  from 13TH Nov. to 15TH Nov. 2015.

As you are already aware, Rajasthan is one of the most picturesque States in India and Jaipur being its capital, has its own place in history. Shri Mataji has also visited Jaipur on a number of occasions. Weather during Diwali Puja period remains pleasant .However, it is better to bring light winter clothing.

Our Beloved Mother has always showered her blessings especially on Rajasthan, be it spiritually or otherwise. Spiritually, Mother has taken Her birth twice in Rajasthan in the past, once as Shri Gangaur and second time as Sati Mata. Mother’s fore-fathers belonged to Chittorgarh in Rajasthan and they were from SISODIA dynasty. Mother has narrated all this in her speeches.

Jaipur also has the distinction of being blessed with a Sahaj public School which was inaugurated by  Shri Mataji   on 26th November 2010. The school is situated at Mansarovar .The hostel facility is also available for Boy students.

Marriages are also performed during this period. Internationally also, Sahaja Yogis/Yoginis are informed about the Marriages so that if they are willing to come to India, they can also send their applications for Marriages at the earliest.

Sahaja Yogis from Rajasthan and India invite the Sahaja Yogi brothers and sisters from the World over to come to Jaipur and be a part of Diwali Puja Celebrations/Seminar and enjoy the collective Puja and the Divine vibrations of our Beloved Mother.

Schedule for 3 days programme is attached herewith:

Also please find attached the Marriages Circular/instructions, along with Marriage forms.
Note:not attached on this blog, please reach out to your center cordinators.

National Diwali Puja and Marriage Celebrations
at Jaipur (Rajasthan) 13TH November to 15TH November 2015
Day 1 – 13TH November 2015 (Friday)
Morning Meditation
06:00 AM
08:00 AM     TO     09:30 AM
Morning Session
09:30 AM     TO     12:30 AM
Announcements of Marriages
12:30 PM     TO     01:30 PM
Lunch Session
01:30 PM      TO     02:30 PM
Evening Session
03:00 PM      TO     05:30 PM
Musical evening, cultural programme and Mehandi
07:30 PM      TO     10:00 PM
09:30 PM      TO     10:30 PM

Day 2 – 14TH November 2015 (Saturday)
Morning Meditation
06:00 AM
Haldi & Breakfast
08:00 AM      TO     10:00 AM
Morning Session
10:30 AM      TO     01:30 PM
Lunch Session
01:30 PM      TO      02:30 PM
Medical Session & Question Answer
03:30 PM      TO      05:00 PM
Ganesh & Gauri Pujan
05:30 PM      TO      06:00 PM
Departure of Barat
06:30 PM
Swagat of Barat
07:00 PM
07:00 PM
Musical evening & Cultural Program
After Marriages
10:00 PM

Day 3 – 15TH November 2015 ( Sunday)
Morning Meditation
06:00 AM
08:00 AM TO 09:30 AM
Importance of Puja & Puja Protocols
10:00 AM TO 11:00 AM
Lunch Session
01:00 PM TO 02:00 PM
04:30 PM
Musical evening & Cultural Program
After Puja

Yuva Shakti
(from 12yrs. To 25yrs.)  Rs.
(From 6 yrs. To 12yrs.)  Rs.
Upto 15th Oct.
AT Puja Site

The Bank details for deposit of Seminar expenses is as under:
Name of Bank           :           PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK,
Branch                       :           Vishwakarma Industrial Area Branch, Jaipur
Account Name           :           “SAHAJ MAHOTSAV”
Account No.               :           3906000100043408
IFSC Code                 :           PUNB0390600
Seminar expenses can also be sent through Bank Draft in favour of  “SAHAJ MAHOTSAV”, payable at Jaipur.
Please send the DD at the following address –
“H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust – Rajasthan”,
Mandir Marg, behind Community Centre, Near Takshila Business School, Near Patel Marg, Sector No. 9, Mansarover, Jaipur-302020
However, Payment by draft should be considered as the last option, if CBS branch is not available nearby.
It has been observed that some drafts are lost in transit or received quite late leading to inconvenience to organizers and yogis.

Payment through CTS 2010 approved Multi City Cheques are also acceptable.

1.                  All are requested to send complete information of Seminar Amount, Deposited in Bank OR sent through bank DD should be filled up in the format as Annexure 1 (Attached) and mail at the following Email ID. deepawalipuja2015@gmail.com
By FAX on 0141-2331149
By post at:-
“H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust – Rajasthan”, Mandir Marg, behind Community Centre, Near Takshila Business School, Near Patel Marg, Sector No.9, Mansarover, Jaipur-302020
2.        For Seminar Amount deposited in groups, Badges will be handed over to one person at one time only.
3.        All Sahaja Yogis/Yoginis are requested to kindly send their Seminar Amount before 15th October 2015, so that proper arrangements can be made at Seminar and Puja site.
4.        Children below six years are free.

a)      Jaipur is well connected through Road, Railway and Air as Jaipur is a Tourist Hub of India and is having Domestic and International Airports.
b)     Jaipur is only 258 Kms from Delhi, connected through NH-8, and is well connected to other States by various National Highways, Train routes and Air.
c)      Puja site is located Opp. Maharshi Arvind Institute, V.T. Road, Shipra Path, Mansarowar in Jaipur.
d)     Puja site is only 8 Km from Jaipur railway station, only 9 Km from Jaipur bus stand (Sindhi Camp) and 5 Km from Jaipur International Airport. Local conveyance/Public Transport is easily available from all sides of Jaipur.
e)      A reception point shall be made at the Jaipur Railway Station/Bus stand and Airport.
f)       There are many hotels in Jaipur. Yogis wishing to stay in hotels can email their request to deepawalipuja2015@gmail.com for more details and booking of Hotel accommodation.
g)      Although all arrangements shall be made for bedding etc., it is advisable to bring a bed-sheet, shawl and a torch with you.
h)     Care shall be taken for elder Yogis/Yoginis to provide them place to stay (with western style toilets) and dinning near Meditation Pandal, chairs in the Meditation Pandal, etc.
i)        All the State Coordinators are requested to kindly send the details of cultural programmes to be performed by their respective State.
j)       Metro train is also available from Jaipur Railway Station  (Metro Station)  to New Atish Market/Mansarover Metro Station from where local transport (Mini bus, City Bus, & Auto) are easily available at a very low fare for puja site which is hardly 2-kms  away.


1.        Shri Ramesh Gupta                       –          09829051262
(For Hotel and Cultural Programme)

General Queries:

2.        Shri Col. R.B. Singh                       –          09413333327

3.        Shri Vijay Sharma                          –          09413205641

4.        Shri Ramesh Vijay Ji                     –          09414229166

5.        Shri Ashok Garg                             –          09414058022

6.        Shri B.K. Purohit                            –          09829114637

7.        Shri Hukmi Chand Mundra         –          09314565999

8.        Shri Major Vinod Kumar                         –          08104872177

9.        Shri Rajesh Ghosaliya                  –          09413345522

For Registration
10.      Shri Vijay  Sharma                        –          09413205641
11.      Shri Subodh Aggarwal                 –          09414370596

12.      Shri G.D. Pareek                            –          09828451514
            (For Agriculture)

13.     Shri Dr. Virendra Singh                -           09829255136
           ( For  Tent Accommodation at Puja Site )

14.      Shri P.S. Rathore                           –          09928466900
            (For Local Tranport)

15.      Shri Kunal Aggarwal                     –          09928422001
            (For Yuva Shakti Co-ordinator)

Sri Shrichand Choudhary ( Convener )                              Col. A.V.S. Ghuman (Trustee)
Email: mother_shrichand@yahoo.co.in                                   Mob. 09636722240    
Mob: +919829010470  &  +919001892092                 
                                                                                                Shri Ramesh Gupta                 
Shri Mahesh Saini                                                                 City Co-ordinator, Jaipur
State Co-ordinator, Rajasthan                                             Email: deepawalipuja2015@gmail.com
Email: jsm.saini.mahesh@gmail.com                                                Mob: 09829051262

Mob: +919928421850