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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shri Mataji took Samadhi

As a person grows and steps in the shoes of his parents. There is a joy in parents that their kid have taken the responsibilities and now they can rest. Similarly our holy mother, seeing all of us together and united as one family realised that we are enough catalyst to take the sahaja movement forward and after observing all her children for long finally has taken samadhi.

though she might not be physically with us but we all know that the relation of kundalini, soul and body. Every one be it human or god who has has taken a birth has to leave earth one day. The only difference is that realized people have the option to choise their own time.

this day, though we are in great sorrow, however there is a big challenge in front of us. Now we have to select our path on our own. The easy source of light and knowledge is gone. however like candle the source lit a lot of candles. now is the real test or what we call as the final judgement...

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