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Monday, August 8, 2011

Shri Ganesha visit @Noida temple (8 Aug 2011)

Today due to some reason's my family visted noida temple (at non center hours). we were suprised to see a white mouse (Shri Ganesha's Vehicle) sitting besides Ganesha's idol in the temple. for the entire stay in temple (around 15-20 minutes) the mouse stayed around Mothers photo and ganesha's idol with zero nonsense.. just playing and pluking the flowers and offering the petals to the god



  1. Jai shri Ganeshay Namah

    May God Ganesha Solve all problems of our all peoples lifes

  2. @sanjeev
    The address of Sahaj yoga temple in Noida is
    Sahaja Yoga Dhyan Center, C-20/3, Sector-62, Institutional Area, Noida - 201301

    Meditation happens on Satursdays @ 1800hrs