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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Puja@Ganpatiphule / Moving of maha samadhi

Dear friends

today i received 2 mails, one is the official circular informing that SMS and mails related to christmas puja are misleading messages and the actual puja is at Nargol only. Also received a 2 page scan of Sir CPs desire for moving of maha samadhi to Himalyas

I am not sure which one to trust and what to say. All i know is that divine will work and only those things will happen that the divine wants rest all is Mahamaya and a good sahaji should not get involved into maya else he would not manage to proceed anywhere in the path of his/her spiritual ascent.

------------ letter from trust (pasted as text, without formatting)--------------

12Th September 2011

Jai Shri Mataji


All State Coordinators,

Jt. State Coordinators,

Sister Institutions

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Misleading Messages are being sent by mail and even by SMS, and the same has been shown in the Facebook by some Sahaja Yogis, that Christmas Puja and Seminar is being held at Ganapatiphule in December this year. There is a group who is behind these announcements and Sahaja Yogis are cautioned not to take any notice of this. These messages are likely to increase in the coming weeks.

We wish to inform all our ‘Brothers and Sisters’ that by the Grace of our Divine Mother, CHRISTMAS PUJA -2011 will be held as a 'National Event', at NARGOL from 23 to 26 December 2011 ( Arrival, Registration and Havan 23 Dec, Departure 26 Dec AN). This is the location where our Divine Mother had opened the Sahasrara Chakra of the Universe. Detailed instructions will follow.

Please ensure that this message is sent to all City Centres and Rural Centres in your respective States and that it is repeated every fortnight. You may depute a special team for this purpose so that both the messages reach all Sahaja Yogis.

With warm regards,

------- Letter from Sir CP related to moving of maha samadhi ------------------

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