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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Some Sahaj Medical Advise

As received through email from one of the yogi


Sharing some advices from Mother about Health care in New York, US in 1983

Hamsa: put heated butter or Ghee in the bottle with dropper and then put slightly warm butter into the noses in the night before sleep. Can do every 2-3 days or everyday for avoiding cold weather trap inside. All Sahaja Yogis are suppose to do this and keep Hamsa chakras alright. . If too much of cold, mix little pure camphor with butter.

Ear: must put Olive oil, is very important.
In another Mother's talk, She said that we should put oil to ear and nose before travelling.

Teeth: rubbing our gum with vibrated Salt and Olive oil. Then we won't have to go to dentist anymore.

Eye: apply Kajar to clean our eyes, then we won't have black eye underneath.

Wearing Undershirt: is compulsory in Sahaja Yoga whenever maybe the weather is hot or cold.

Under the cold weather: put a cotton wool ball into the ears before going outside. Cover our head while sleeping in the night. We must look after our Sahasrara, then we won't have any problem.

Diet: If we are the liver(hot liver) person, take liver diet. If we are left sided person, we should not take carbohydrate at all and take protein. Bigger than us animals are not good for our teeth and our body. Beef makes our teeth muscle swelling.

Plastic: is anti-God, anti-human life, anti-biological process. We should avoid plastic and Nylon as far as possible. Not eat food on plastic plate or using plastic utencils, can eat on paper. Don't use something is absolutely made out of plastic. If we wear plastic shoes, would develop skin disease.

"Sugar is against our growth" is Flasehood.
Sugar: is very important for our liver and attention.  It's better take white sugar rather than red sugar, because red sugar has molasses that is very heating for our body.

Food: must be given Bandhan before eating or use our hands for eating after washing our hands. When we take water, first get vibrated and then drink. Because so many people, who created and touched the food may without a good mind or something wrong with them.

Hair: at least every Saturday, oil our hair with so much Olive oil or Amla oil. Rub it nicely and wash it at next day. We always feel peaceful.

Hair grow: With proper care we can have our hair. Put vibrated oil on Sahasrara every week, we will have a soothe personality, a soothe movement and deal with other people with a gentle manner.

Soap: use the natural soap

Not cover our forehead(Agnya) or eyeswith hair: keep it open and keep the central part if possibleapply for the adult and children.

Massage: Don't ask a non Sahaja yogis to massage or touch us. Because they might carry bad vibration, we may suffer. Only allow a realised person or ourselves to massage on us, not masseur.

Children: should be massaged with oil until 5 year old every night before they sleep. Then they are well behave and quiet because oil sooth down nerves. Without massage, they are always running and jumping. The movement of massaging should be upward with oil.

1983 Advice given to mothers:
Do not use baby oils without vitamins:
"...Baby should be oil massaged daily as it is very good for the chakras. Use an oil such as olive, almond, mustard or ghee or butter but not the proprietary baby oils, as they do not contain vitamins. Do not use olive oil on the hair, as this turns white. Massage with the oil towards the Sahasrara on the head, as if to 'fill' the Sahasrara with oil..."

1986 Advice on children, Vienna:
"...The child must be healthy with developed muscles and must have fat. If the child is skinny or his muscles are not developed then you should give massage. It's very important. Best is to massage with ghee or butter(vitamin A and D). Butter is the best and can be mixed with saffron (for the smell)..."

1986 Guidelines for Sahaja Yoga Education, Rome:  Give them(children) colourful dresses, not black or with dull, dusty colours.

1992 Talk to Yogis, Canberra:  Respect for the photo(Shri Mataji's photo)
"...Teach them(children) not to put their back and their feet to the photo...

13/4/1986 (Rahuri Question & Answer)  "Cow milk: is left side, because she is the Mother. And you should not have cow s milk because it is the left side. Whether it is cow s milk or buffalo s milk, all will give you allergies, but if you have animals which are smaller than you, like if you can drink, like Mahatma Gandhi, goat s milk, you might not have the problem."

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