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Friday, March 4, 2011

6 chakras beyond Sahasrara

Received this through email, i must admit i am not a good reader or a scholer. I was doing my office work from home and having dinner when i received the mail. without spelling out the names i asked my mom are there more chakras beyond sahasrara... and she said yes and also took name of Shri Ardha bindu and Shri Bindu. Hence sharing u the mail as received by myself so that unaware sahaji's like me know the name of the 6 other chakras ...


Dear Family, at Cabella, there were told so many many sahaj stories and miracles related to the recent most extraordinary happening... Shri Mataji was dreamt by practically everyone I happened to talk with from various countries .. many children were at peace and they comforted their parents! "Shri Mataji in heaven.. the parent said.. the child replied: but Mom, here is heaven.. she is with us" .. or they simply had been visited (not in the dream!) by Shri Mataji just few days before.. Many SYs had dreams about a major battle/or calamity .. in which SYs had to be the one that remained unharmed and were able to help everyone, but only by being united and humble .. Shri Mataji was there in another form .. Below there are a few of the ones that were circulating on internet but that are very powerful as universal sahaj messages.

1) Message from Colombia (trying a quick translation to English in the following)

A Romanian SYini (married in Colombia), Ileana Rabega, had the following dream with Shri Mataji on Sunday night:

Shri Mataji appeared in a pink Sari and told her that by Her Samaddhi She had opened the 6 chakras placed above Sahasrara chakra. On the other hand She said that NOW there is a very strong attack of the negativity on the International Sahaja Yoga Sangha (Collectivity), so She is asking us to meditate on those chakras for their fortification/stabilization, by using the following mantras:
-Shri Sadashiva Shri Adi Shakti
-Shri Atma-param´atma
-Shri Amruta Dayini
-Shri Ardha Bindu
-Shri Bindu
-Shri Valaya

We have to make the knots of our Kundalini further above our Sahasrara then we used to do during our sbandhans. We all can check the truth of this message by asking the vibrations: " Is it true that Shri Mataji had just opened other 6 chakras above the Sahasrara?"
- Hernan (Ileana's husband) had sent this message on the Colombian network.

Best Regards,


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    2. Jai Shri Mataji,

      This incidence is 21 days earlier to Shri Mataji leaving the body.

      I was meditating and shri mataji has given darshan and told me to meditate for 2.5 hours so that i can sustain energy of higher chakras. She also told me that there is a time now to awaken the sahasrara of everyone. I followed what Shri mataji told me for 2 years. Sahaji are getting bocked down by Kal and Negativity - they have to do more meditation to evolve in Sahaja.

      One more update - Aug 2013 energy will be establised above Sahasrara at Bindu level and Sahaji will be able to unite via spritual energy, we will be able to see the change in September.

      If you want more details we can talk.

      Jai Shri Mataji

  2. Shri Mataji has said at various times that there were four above (1983), three above (Sydney 1987), and two above (Navaratri 1988). Take your pick... but dont forget .... all are beyond thought.

  3. The etheric body is the non-physical body, which is superimposed upon our physical bodies. It is an exact duplicate of our physical body but in a higher energy form.root chakra affirmations

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