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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Puja at Mother Smaadhi


Like many sahajayogis thought to have a darshan of mother on the occasion of MahaShivRatri ... and by mothers grace got an oppurtunity to attend the first puja being offered to mother at her samadhi.

It was a small puja, started with a garland being offered to mother, taking 3 maha mantras, Ganesha Mantra, Lord shiva's 108 names while offering flowers & bel pattas (leaves) at mothers feet , meditation for 5 minutes and aarti.

Few differences from normal puja's and from 28-Feb :
  • There was some rain day before, so seems like some temporary water proofing work has been done to ensure that smaadhi is not harmed till it's completed.
  • There were no songs sung or oti offered.
  • The puja was not announced, it was a meare luck. Seems like it was decided in last minute as even the sound system (cordless) came after the 3 maha mantras were already taken.
  • The sahaji's representing collectivity (5 in number [on the stage])were not couples but only males and mainly trustees and leaders.

A pic from the puja :

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