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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Rift - Delhi trust breaks relation ship with National trust

As received through email.
Sad to see mother tought forgiveness and even if one person is not acting appropriately then why should it matter to the second Sahaji. Does it matter to a Sahaji if Nirmal Dhaam is with Delhi trust or national trust but what if there is a never ending dominance of one over the other....


Dear Sahajyogi Brothers & Sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji.

Almost 9 months have passed since our Divine Mother renounced Her Mahamaya form and departed for Sadashiva Loka. During all these months, the modus operandi of the so called National Trust of India (i.e. H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Trust) has actually been as of a Private Trust as per the way of their handling of National Sahaj yoga affairs. Right from its inception, they had set their eyes on Sahaj Properties and resources, annexing and taking them under their own control by hook and crook, handling the Maha Samadhi affairs, persistently pressurizing to transfer / lease out the Nirmal Dham land in their name and even threatening to shift the Samadhi if their demands are not fulfilled. They tried to tempt front line Sahaj Yogis to executive posts by using devising tactics to create groups amongst Sahaj Yogis. They have created a deep sense of disappointment, anguish and rejection in the hearts and minds of almost all the active conscious and conscientious Sahaj Yogis.

Keeping all this in view, Life Eternal Trust Delhi, has decided to disassociate itself from the so called National Trust. Henceforth, Delhi collectively will take all its decisions independently.

We shall pray Shri Mataji that conditions will be restored when we all will join together to follow exclusively Shri Mataji and at that point of time, we shall assess again the relationship with this so called national trust.

It is for the information of all the Sahaj Collectivity.

With Hearty love & Warm Regards!

Life Eternal Trust, Delhi (India)


  1. Sahaja organizations should be headed by sahajayogis...Remove all non-sahajiyogis from all trusts or they should abide by pure sahaja principles. If they can not kick them out...

    1. why these trusts are working as competitive manner not with complimentary manner ,one is supporting people which are not satisfied(blocked in ego.or nabhi) from any one trust,it its just like replica of pakistan and india,PAIN WE SUFFER 60 years of division but none of county is capable to overcome this pain ,,is it become true for us where is love (gharinit bhaav mite jag mau--feeling of hatred disappear from world) it will if we will genuine with our self..pls listen to your self dear trustees.

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