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Friday, November 11, 2011

International Puja dates and Venue 2012 + Other communications - Sixth communication from the CC 2012

Copied from http://www.sahajayoga.org/swan/view/swan_942_2011.asp

Sixth communication from the CC 2012 International Pujas Schedule and other matters

Monday, November 07, 2011
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Dear brothers and sisters, please find the following communication on four matters of general interest.
Point 1         2012 International Puja Schedule
Shri Mataji granted pujas all around the world, spreading vibrations and blessings to all and allowing many more disciples  to participate in these celebrations.  The national coordinators agreed to renew with this glorious tradition. This communication provides the tentative schedule of pujas for 2012 after consultation and feedback with interested parties:
Proposed Pujas location
  • Shri Shiva puja in the Americas
  • Birthday puja in India ( expected location is Chindwara)
  • Easter puja (Cabella)
  • Shri Buddha puja  in Asia (location in the process of selection)
  • Sahasrara puja (Cabella)
  • Adi Shakti puja  in the United Kingdom ( Bloxham Farm)
  • Guru puja (Cabella)
  • Krishna puja (Cabella)
  • Ganesha puja (Cabella)
  • Navratri puja (Cabella)
  • Diwali puja  in India (location to be selected by hosting country)
  • Christmas  in Ukraine (Kiev, subject to confirmation by hosting country)
 Proposed Puja Dates - 2012 to be finalized with host countries (and   the Foundation for Cabella located events)
  • Shivaratri - 19/02 Sunday
  • Birthday - 21/03  Wednesday  (18/03 Sunday alternatively, to be checked with host country
  • Sahasrara - 06/ Sunday  (06/05 is also Shri Buddha Purnima.  Consequently should a Buddha puja be hosted in Asia, the date should correspond with another important celebration date in the life of Shri Buddha)                   
  • Adi Shakti - 03/06 Sunday (full moon on the fourth)
  • Guru - 01/07  Sunday
  • Krishna - 12/08 Sunday  (Cabella Festival begins)
  • Ganesha - 19/08 Sunday (Cabella Festival ends)
  • Navaratri - 21/10 Sunday (Vijaya Dashami on 24)
  • Diwali - 13/11 Tuesday       (11/11 Sunday alternatively to be checked with  host country)
  • Christmas - 25/12   Tuesday (23/12 Sunday alternatively to be checked with  host country)
The confirmation of dates will be communicated in due time (the exact time of the pujas in Cabella shall be reviewed with the Foundation). It is expected that the hosting countries of respective pujas  in Cabella and elsewhere may wish to liaise with other countries on the list of puja hosting countries that could be in a position to co host a puja with them in a spirit of solidarity.
A list of hosting countries at the time Shri Mataji supervised such arrangements will also be provided.  We invite all those in position to do so to join these celebrations.
Point 2  Identification of an "Official" sahaj holidays
Following requests from yogis, we would like to propose that the 21st of March be taken as a "official" sahaj holidays by all sahaja yogis and yoginis across the world. This would be a powerful opportunity to create a space of serenity, meditation and celebration on the most auspicious occasion of the birth of Shri Mataji.
Point 3 Information on the creation of the  Nirmala Vidya LLC under NIPC (Delaware USA) and support to Devi Production (Vienna Austria)
We encourage the efforts of an international team of yogis working with NIPC and the Foundation to install a light structure replacing the former Commercial Unit of the Foundation with a view to  provide a reliable source of access to the knowledge of Shri Mataji.
Her teachings shall be available freely on a streaming basis.  We invite all yogis and yoginis to support our common interest in preserving, sharing and defending as needed the knowledge of Shri Mataji.   We recall that voluntary contributions to preserve and share the knowledge of Shri Mataji will depend on the sense of responsibility and generosity of each members of the sangha and is confident that the yogis and yoginis shall respond to this necessary call for support.
Point 4  Work of the Publication Committee of the Foundation
We support the work of the Committee to edit and release the unfinished book of Shri Mataji and kindly request the yogi and yoginis not to make this work freely available on the web as they should take into consideration that this was definitely not the intention of its author.  We further approve the emerging project of the Publication Committee of the Foundation to work on an annotated  biographic chronology of Shri Mataji.
With respectful regards and best wishes,
The members of the Central Committee

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